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FACTS allows 2-week turnaround for payments, then piles on late fees. I cannot tell you how many times this happened when my kids' school started using this exploitative, third-party payment middleman not only for tuition but for daycare charges. FACTS offers, in stark contrast to any kind of convenience, only headaches, hurdles and unnecessary and exploitative fees. Needless to say, being forced to use these legal criminals only engenders an incredible amount of anger and frustration on the part of the parents (that's us, the saps who still send their kids to Catholic schools).

It's an excellent business model: extortion of meaningless fees in that sweet spot where it's not enough for the prisoner-customer (who has NO CHOICE in whether to use the DISservice) to make a big fuss but it's still terribly lucrative for the company. Why didn't I think of that?

I'd have to say my favorite is when the Catholic schools themselves make statements and write up this enforcement as follows: "We are offering our parents a convenient way to pay tuition..."

They're not offering, they're forcing. They should say so.

This sort of meaningless, third-party, non-value, exploitative, fee-for-not-providing-anything-that-could-accurately-be-called-a-service, legally-criminal middleman business model seems to be what we Americans excel at these days... well, I guess it makes sense when you consider that we don't have any meaningful manufacturing or positive production jobs here anymore. And to add to the shamefulness of this company even existing is that THIS is the business model we are exporting to the rest of the world.

It's beyond shameful.

Hey - here's the real question: Who in the various Dioceses across the country is getting the kickback for forcing the parents to use this exploitative, senseless-fee-producing 3rd-party payment system?

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After reading your review and a few other parents post, it looks like we all are facing the same challenges. There has to be more convenient payment methods besides this.

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